Commonwealth Centers For High Performance Organizations
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CCHPO Vision and Mission

The Commonwealth Centers for High-Performance Organizations (CCHPO) makes a positive contribution to society by assisting organizations in measurably improving their performance, the work lives of their people, and the communities that they serve. We focus primarily on public sector organizations, along with select private sector organizations, to develop their capability to improve their performance in rapidly changing environments and conditions.

Our holistic approach brings a strong foundation of knowledge and experience to complex systems, organizational culture and performance improvement. We incorporate constantly updated research and practical field approaches into a comprehensive diagnostic change model that enables organizations to use systems thinking and the skills, tools, and best practices contributing to significant and demonstrable results. In addition to using the model as a useful roadmap for change, our clients successfully integrate theory and practical experience through CCHPO’s strategic services and access to innovative tools and methods. Our research and experience validate our approach and contribute to client success. Our publications are resources valued by those engaged in performance improvement.

Our value is demonstrated by our partners’ ability to achieve their goals; our company’s viability and growth; and the high regard with which we are viewed.

Our strength lies in our commitment to partnering with and developing change agents inside organizations with whom we work to build and sustain powerful change capabilities. We creatively facilitate interaction among our clients so that they share experiences, learning, and resources to stimulate further success. These foundational principles distinguish our approach:

1. The traditional belief that leadership occurs only at the top of the organization must be challenged and the organization must redefine leadership so it can be exercised by every individual at every level of the organization.

2. Organizational improvement includes the need to “unpack” and reform organizational systems, processes, and structures that have become encumbered by artifacts of past beliefs about people and the way work is accomplished.

3. True performance improvement is sustained only with a stewardship, “performance of the whole” mindset.

4. Organizations need to simultaneously engage strategies for vision and values, addressing both operational and cultural issues.

5. Current and established improvement methods are captured within and benefit from the diagnostic change model.

The organizational structure of CCHPO is very simple. However, when it became necessary near the outset to expand the personnel resources of the organization, an unusual approach was decided upon. Following the concept that networks of independent professionals could be superior in performance to adding employees to CCHPO, Inc., it was decided to form the Commonwealth Centers for High-Performance Organizations Network (CCHPO Network), composed of individuals who head their own consulting firms. As a result, there are Principals, Principal Associates, and occasional Associates of the CCHPO Network. These independent professionals choose to work together to serve a full range of clients in local, state, and federal governments, in the non-profit sector, and occasionally in the private sector. Each of us has over twenty years of senior management and consulting experience.