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CCHPO is proud to announce the recent publication of our book, Building High-Performance Local Governments:  Case Studies in Leadership at all Levels.  As many of you know, “the book” has been a long-term labor of love (and frustration) for all of us at CCHPO. The book was released at the International City/County Management Association’s (ICMA) annual conference in Charlotte on September 13 and generated (thankfully) brisk sales. 
ICMA’s Executive Director, Robert O’Neill, wrote in support of the book that:
Leaders in every organization are in search of strategies that will help them on their journey toward excellence. The authors have spent years developing the principles of High Performance and have worked with hundreds of organizations to implement them. This book provides the framework and details of their model, but, most importantly, directs the reader to case studies that provide clear examples of organizations applying the principles to their culture.”
Although the book contains mostly case studies from local government, the concepts presented in the book will be especially familiar to our friends in federal government agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, NASA, NAVAIR, NAVSEA, SPAWAR, and the Navy Nuclear community, the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Marine Corps, and others.  The HPO Diagnostic/Change Model has been applied successfully to organizations at all levels of government, the private and non-profit sectors, and in international settings.
To all our friends and colleagues:  please let us know what you think about the book!  Email comments or questions to:  [email protected]
The book contains the following chapters:
Chapter 1:            Leadership at all Levels 
Chapter 2:            The HPO Diagnostic/Change Model
Chapter 3:            From Vision to Performance
Chapter 4:            Engagement through Values to Work Culture
Chapter 5:            Creating Change Mechanisms to Accomplish the ‘Work of Leadership’
Appendix:             The appendix contains materials and examples to help with implementation,
1.     Vision and Values
2.     Charters
3.     Job Descriptions
4.     Performance Expectations
5.     Customer Service Standards
6.     Articles
7.     Assessments
8.     Roadmap to Higher Performance
Book description from the publisher:
Don’t permit your organization to be lulled into complacency
after recovering from a tough recession.
Explore what’s necessary to improve the performance of your organization, including the development of leaders at all levels who will use their full capabilities to boost collective results. The High-Performance Organization Model identifies the steps needed to diagnose what will be required to achieve the strategic outcomes you define as success. It shows which levers will move the organization in the direction you decide is critical.
This book contains more than just theory; here you’ll find case studies of local governments—demonstrating how Commonwealth Centers for High-Performance Organizations’ (CCHPO) model has been applied in the past to improve performance. You will learn how employees emerged as leaders to identify and tackle problems, developed the tools needed, and organized their thoughts to work through solutions which could be applied effectively without the traditional bureaucratic hassle. These examples show how a supportive, values-based work culture can be cultivated to expand thinking power by incasing discretionary effort from all levels of the organization. Engaged employees can be leaders who refocus your services, improve your processes, save money, and solve problems. Your organization can benefit from the full range of talents, skills, and abilities that often lie untapped, but become accessible through the principles of the High-Performance Organization model.
This model will be an indispensable tool for any person looking to make significant improvements throughout their organization. The detailed case studies and easy-to-follow model created by the Commonwealth Center for High-Performance Organizations make for a pleasantly informative guide that will give a special advantage to readers who implement their concepts.


To all our friends and colleagues:  please let us know what you think about the book!  Email comments or questions to:  [email protected]