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Building High-Performance Local Governments: Case Studies in Leadership at all Levels

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Although the book contains mostly case studies from local government, the concepts presented in the book will be especially familiar to our friends in federal government agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, NASA, NAVAIR, NAVSEA, SPAWAR, and the Navy Nuclear community, the US Army Corps of Engineers, the Marine Corps, and others.  The HPO Diagnostic/Change Model has been applied successfully to organizations at all levels of government, the private and non-profit sectors, and in international settings.

 The book contains the following chapters:


Chapter 1:            Leadership at all Levels 

Chapter 2:            The HPO Diagnostic/Change Model

Chapter 3:            From Vision to Performance

Chapter 4:            Engagement through Values to Work Culture

Chapter 5:            Creating Change Mechanisms to Accomplish the ‘Work of Leadership’


Appendix:             The appendix contains materials and examples to help with implementation,


1.     Vision and Values

2.     Charters

3.     Job Descriptions

4.     Performance Expectations

5.     Customer Service Standards

6.     Articles

7.     Assessments

8.     Roadmap to Higher Performance


Link to book on Amazon (Kindle and paperback)

High Performance Organization Model Journal Article
Summary: The HIGH PERFORMANCE ORGANIZATION model (HPO) was created as a two-decade experience of authors of the model (John W. Pickering and Gerald S.Brokaw) in their work in Government agency the Federal Executive Institute (FEI) on educating high officials and their knowledge related to organization performance improvement. The essence of the program is a synthesis of theory and practice of organizational changes of great scope. The Program, focused on individual officials of private and public sector,rarely had results in significant changes towards the HPO in organizations. The greatest move forward is achieved when the Program is focused on entire organization and leadership in the organization. The development and educational goals should move from individual education towards the education of teams in an organization starting from the management team, best from the entire team. Link to Serbian Journal Article by Slobodan Adžiæ, Jelena Laziæ, Janko M. Cvijanoviæ at Ekonomski institut, Beograd, e-mail: [email protected]

Building High Performance Organizations in The Trusted Leader: Building Relationships That Make Government Work available at Chapter 5 of this 2007 book provides the most comprehensive description of the overall HPO Diagnostic Change Model underlying theory and the seven key diagnostic questions. The book is edited by Terry Newell (former FEI Dean) and Peter Ronayne (current FEI Dean). Download book chapter (in pdf)

In Pursuit of Higher Performance in Public Manager- Part I of II (Winter 2007 Volume 35, Number 4) by Gerry Brokaw and John Mullins -- provides an overview of the HPO Diagnostic Change Model and the 7 Diagnostic Questions~ Read or Download this document

In Pursuit of Higher Performance in Public Manager- Part II of II (Spring 2007 Volume 36, Number 1) by Gerry Brokaw and John Mullins -- provides a summary of the linkages between the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award and the HPO Diagnostic Change Model~ Read or Download this document

Integrating Lean Six Sigma and AIRSpeed within the NAVAIR 4.1 Organizational Improvements Efforts by Phil Harnden, PhD ~ Read or Download this Microsoft Word document or open a PDF file.

Why Executive Development Programs (Alone) Don't Change Organizations by John W. Pickering and Robert E. Matson ~ Read or Download this Microsoft Word document or open a PDF file.

Building High-Performance Organizations for the Twenty-First Century by Tom Porter, John Pickering, and Gerry Brokaw ~ Read or Download this Microsoft Word document or open a PDF file.

Abstract for PhD dissertation: Perspectives on Middle Manager Actions During Improvement Efforts in Government Organizations by Phil Harnden ~ Read this Microsoft Word document.

High-Performance Government by Anton Gardner, Leon Churchill, Peter Souza, and Mark Willmarth Copyright © 2001 by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA)Open this PDF document.