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Articles (contact us at the email below for copies):

  • Brokaw, Gerald S. and John M. Mullins.  “In Pursuit Of Higher Performance: The Integration Of The High Performance Organization (HPO) Diagnostic / Change Model And The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA).” A two part article published in The Public Manager Winter 2006 and Spring, 2007.

  • Pickering, J.W. and Matson, R.E. "Why Executive Development Programs (Alone) Don't Work." Training and Development Journal, (May 1992), pp. 91-95. A later 2010 revision of this article is available.

  • Porter, T., Pickering, J.W., and Brokaw, G.S. "Building High-Performance Organizations for the Twenty-First Century: Lessons from Charleston Naval Shipyard."  Project Management College, NAVSEA07, January 1995.  A later 2005 revision of this article is available.

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